Gutisk Waúrd siponeis

m.JA. pupil, disciple, student
wv.I+intr to be a disciple

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Noun: pupil, disciple, student
Nom sipōneis sipōnjōs
Voc sipōni sipōnjōs
Acc sipōni sipōnjans
Gen sipōneis sipōnjē
Dat sipōnja sipōnjam

Principal parts: siponjan, siponida, siponidedun, siponiþs (click to search usasge on

Verb: to be a disciple
1st sipōnja sipōnjōs sipōnjam
2nd sipōneis sipōnjats sipōneiþ
3rd sipōneiþ - sipōnjand
Present Subjunctive
1st sipōnjáu sipōnjáiwa sipōnjáima
2nd sipōnjáis sipōnjáits sipōnjáiþ
3rd sipōnjái - sipōnjáina
1st sipōnida sipōnidēdu sipōnidēdum
2nd sipōnidēs sipōnidēduts sipōnidēduþ
3rd sipōnida - sipōnidēdun
Preterite Subjunctive
1st sipōnidēdjáu sipōnidēdeiwa sipōnidēdeima
2nd sipōnidēdeis sipōnidēdeits sipōnidēdeiþ
3rd sipōnidēdi - sipōnidēdeina
1st sipōnjam
2nd sipōnei sipōnjats sipōneiþ
3rd sipōnjadáu - sipōnjandáu
Present Participle
Nom sipōnjandei sipōnjandeins
Voc sipōnjandei sipōnjandeins
Acc sipōnjandein sipōnjandeins
Gen sipōnjandeins sipōnjandeinō
Dat sipōnjandein sipōnjandeim
Nom sipōnjands, sipōnjanda sipōnjandans
Voc sipōnjanda sipōnjandans
Acc sipōnjandan sipōnjandans
Gen sipōnjandins sipōnjandanē
Dat sipōnjandin sipōnjandam
Nom sipōnjandō sipōnjandōna
Voc sipōnjandō sipōnjandōna
Acc sipōnjandō sipōnjandōna
Gen sipōnjandins sipōnjandanē
Dat sipōnjandin sipōnjandam
Past Participle
Strong Feminine
Nom sipōnida sipōnidōs
Voc sipōnida sipōnidōs
Acc sipōnida sipōnidōs
Gen sipōnidáizōs sipōnidáizō
Dat sipōnidái sipōnidáim
Strong Masculine
Nom sipōniþs sipōnidái
Voc sipōniþs sipōnidái
Acc sipōnidana sipōnidans
Gen sipōnidis sipōnidáizē
Dat sipōnidamma sipōnidáim
Strong Neuter
Nom sipōniþ, sipōnidata sipōnida
Voc sipōniþ, sipōnidata sipōnida
Acc sipōniþ, sipōnidata sipōnida
Gen sipōnidis sipōnidáizē
Dat sipōnidamma sipōnidáim
Weak Feminine
Nom sipōnidō sipōnidōns
Voc sipōnidō sipōnidōns
Acc sipōnidōn sipōnidōns
Gen sipōnidōns sipōnidōnō
Dat sipōnidōn sipōnidōm
Weak Masculine
Nom sipōnida sipōnidans
Voc sipōnida sipōnidans
Acc sipōnidan sipōnidans
Gen sipōnidins sipōnidanē
Dat sipōnidin sipōnidam
Weak Neuter
Nom sipōnidō sipōnidōna
Voc sipōnidō sipōnidōna
Acc sipōnidō sipōnidōna
Gen sipōnidins sipōnidanē
Dat sipōnidin sipōnidam

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