Gutisk Waúrd id-reigōn

wv.II+intr to repent

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Principal parts: id-reigon, id-reigoda, id-reigodedun, id-reigoþs (click to search usasge on

Verb: to repent
1st id-reigō id-reigōs id-reigōm
2nd id-reigōs id-reigōts id-reigōþ
3rd id-reigōþ - id-reigōnd
Present Subjunctive
1st id-reigō id-reigōwa id-reigōma
2nd id-reigōs id-reigōts id-reigiþ
3rd id-reigō - id-reigōna
1st id-reigōda id-reigōdēdu id-reigōdēdum
2nd id-reigōdēs id-reigōdēduts id-reigōdēduþ
3rd id-reigōda - id-reigōdēdun
Preterite Subjunctive
1st id-reigōdēdjáu id-reigōdēdeiwa id-reigōdēdeima
2nd id-reigōdēdeis id-reigōdēdeits id-reigōdēdeiþ
3rd id-reigōdēdi - id-reigōdēdeina
1st id-reigōm
2nd id-reigō id-reigōts id-reigōþ
3rd id-reigōdáu - id-reigōndáu
Present Participle
Nom id-reigōndei id-reigōndeins
Voc id-reigōndei id-reigōndeins
Acc id-reigōndein id-reigōndeins
Gen id-reigōndeins id-reigōndeinō
Dat id-reigōndein id-reigōndeim
Nom id-reigōnds, id-reigōnda id-reigōndans
Voc id-reigōnda id-reigōndans
Acc id-reigōndan id-reigōndans
Gen id-reigōndins id-reigōndanē
Dat id-reigōndin id-reigōndam
Nom id-reigōndō id-reigōndōna
Voc id-reigōndō id-reigōndōna
Acc id-reigōndō id-reigōndōna
Gen id-reigōndins id-reigōndanē
Dat id-reigōndin id-reigōndam
Past Participle
Strong Feminine
Nom id-reigōda id-reigōdōs
Voc id-reigōda id-reigōdōs
Acc id-reigōda id-reigōdōs
Gen id-reigōdáizōs id-reigōdáizō
Dat id-reigōdái id-reigōdáim
Strong Masculine
Nom id-reigōþs id-reigōdái
Voc id-reigōþs id-reigōdái
Acc id-reigōdana id-reigōdans
Gen id-reigōdis id-reigōdáizē
Dat id-reigōdamma id-reigōdáim
Strong Neuter
Nom id-reigōþ, id-reigōdata id-reigōda
Voc id-reigōþ, id-reigōdata id-reigōda
Acc id-reigōþ, id-reigōdata id-reigōda
Gen id-reigōdis id-reigōdáizē
Dat id-reigōdamma id-reigōdáim
Weak Feminine
Nom id-reigōdō id-reigōdōns
Voc id-reigōdō id-reigōdōns
Acc id-reigōdōn id-reigōdōns
Gen id-reigōdōns id-reigōdōnō
Dat id-reigōdōn id-reigōdōm
Weak Masculine
Nom id-reigōda id-reigōdans
Voc id-reigōda id-reigōdans
Acc id-reigōdan id-reigōdans
Gen id-reigōdins id-reigōdanē
Dat id-reigōdin id-reigōdam
Weak Neuter
Nom id-reigōdō id-reigōdōna
Voc id-reigōdō id-reigōdōna
Acc id-reigōdō id-reigōdōna
Gen id-reigōdins id-reigōdanē
Dat id-reigōdin id-reigōdam

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