Gutisk Waúrd hilpan

sv.III+gen to help

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Principal parts: hilpan, halp, hulpun, hulpans (click to search usasge on

Verb: to help
1st hilpa hilpōs hilpam
2nd hilpis hilpats hilpiþ
3rd hilpiþ - hilpand
Present Subjunctive
1st hilpáu hilpáiwa hilpáima
2nd hilpáis hilpáits hilpáiþ
3rd hilpái - hilpáina
1st halp hulpu hulpum
2nd halft hulputs hulpuþ
3rd halp - hulpun
Preterite Subjunctive
1st hulpjáu hulpeiwa hulpeima
2nd hulpeis hulpeits hulpeiþ
3rd hulpi - hulpeina
1st hilpada - hilpanda
2nd hilpaza - hilpanda
3rd hilpada - hilpanda
Passive Subjunctive
1st hilpáidáu - hilpáindáu
2nd hilpáizáu - hilpáindáu
3rd hilpáidáu - hilpáindáu
1st - - hilpam
2nd hilp hilpats hilpiþ
3rd hilpadáu - hilpandáu
Present Participle
Nom hilpandei hilpandeins
Voc hilpandei hilpandeins
Acc hilpandein hilpandeins
Gen hilpandeins hilpandeinō
Dat hilpandein hilpandeim
Nom hilpands, hilpanda hilpandans
Voc hilpanda hilpandans
Acc hilpandan hilpandans
Gen hilpandins hilpandanē
Dat hilpandin hilpandam
Nom hilpandō hilpandōna
Voc hilpandō hilpandōna
Acc hilpandō hilpandōna
Gen hilpandins hilpandanē
Dat hilpandin hilpandam
Past Participle
Strong Feminine
Nom hulpana hulpanōs
Voc hulpana hulpanōs
Acc hulpana hulpanōs
Gen hulpanáizōs hulpanáizō
Dat hulpanái hulpanáim
Strong Masculine
Nom hulpans hulpanái
Voc hulpans hulpanái
Acc hulpanana hulpanans
Gen hulpanis hulpanáizē
Dat hulpanamma hulpanáim
Strong Neuter
Nom hulpan, hulpanata hulpana
Voc hulpan, hulpanata hulpana
Acc hulpan, hulpanata hulpana
Gen hulpanis hulpanáizē
Dat hulpanamma hulpanáim
Weak Feminine
Nom hulpanō hulpanōns
Voc hulpanō hulpanōns
Acc hulpanōn hulpanōns
Gen hulpanōns hulpanōnō
Dat hulpanōn hulpanōm
Weak Masculine
Nom hulpana hulpanans
Voc hulpana hulpanans
Acc hulpanan hulpanans
Gen hulpanins hulpananē
Dat hulpanin hulpanam
Weak Neuter
Nom hulpanō hulpanōna
Voc hulpanō hulpanōna
Acc hulpanō hulpanōna
Gen hulpanins hulpananē
Dat hulpanin hulpanam

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