Gutisk Waúrd ga-waknan

wv.IV+intr to awake

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Principal parts: ga-waknan, ga-waknoda, ga-waknodedun, ga-waknoþs (click to search usasge on

Verb: to awake
1st ga-wakna ga-waknōs ga-waknam
2nd ga-waknis ga-waknats ga-wakniþ
3rd ga-wakniþ - ga-waknand
Present Subjunctive
1st ga-waknáu ga-waknáiwa ga-waknáima
2nd ga-waknáis ga-waknáits ga-waknáiþ
3rd ga-waknái - ga-waknáina
1st ga-waknōda ga-waknōdēdu ga-waknōdēdum
2nd ga-waknōdēs ga-waknōdēduts ga-waknōdēduþ
3rd ga-waknōda - ga-waknōdēdun
Preterite Subjunctive
1st ga-waknōdēdjáu ga-waknōdēdeiwa ga-waknōdēdeima
2nd ga-waknōdēdeis ga-waknōdēdeits ga-waknōdēdeiþ
3rd ga-waknōdēdi - ga-waknōdēdeina
1st ga-waknam
2nd ga-wakn ga-waknats ga-wakniþ
3rd ga-waknadáu - ga-waknandáu
Present Participle
Nom ga-waknandei ga-waknandeins
Voc ga-waknandei ga-waknandeins
Acc ga-waknandein ga-waknandeins
Gen ga-waknandeins ga-waknandeinō
Dat ga-waknandein ga-waknandeim
Nom ga-waknands, ga-waknanda ga-waknandans
Voc ga-waknanda ga-waknandans
Acc ga-waknandan ga-waknandans
Gen ga-waknandins ga-waknandanē
Dat ga-waknandin ga-waknandam
Nom ga-waknandō ga-waknandōna
Voc ga-waknandō ga-waknandōna
Acc ga-waknandō ga-waknandōna
Gen ga-waknandins ga-waknandanē
Dat ga-waknandin ga-waknandam
Past Participle
Strong Feminine
Nom ga-waknōda ga-waknōdōs
Voc ga-waknōda ga-waknōdōs
Acc ga-waknōda ga-waknōdōs
Gen ga-waknōdáizōs ga-waknōdáizō
Dat ga-waknōdái ga-waknōdáim
Strong Masculine
Nom ga-waknōþs ga-waknōdái
Voc ga-waknōþs ga-waknōdái
Acc ga-waknōdana ga-waknōdans
Gen ga-waknōdis ga-waknōdáizē
Dat ga-waknōdamma ga-waknōdáim
Strong Neuter
Nom ga-waknōþ, ga-waknōdata ga-waknōda
Voc ga-waknōþ, ga-waknōdata ga-waknōda
Acc ga-waknōþ, ga-waknōdata ga-waknōda
Gen ga-waknōdis ga-waknōdáizē
Dat ga-waknōdamma ga-waknōdáim
Weak Feminine
Nom ga-waknōdō ga-waknōdōns
Voc ga-waknōdō ga-waknōdōns
Acc ga-waknōdōn ga-waknōdōns
Gen ga-waknōdōns ga-waknōdōnō
Dat ga-waknōdōn ga-waknōdōm
Weak Masculine
Nom ga-waknōda ga-waknōdans
Voc ga-waknōda ga-waknōdans
Acc ga-waknōdan ga-waknōdans
Gen ga-waknōdins ga-waknōdanē
Dat ga-waknōdin ga-waknōdam
Weak Neuter
Nom ga-waknōdō ga-waknōdōna
Voc ga-waknōdō ga-waknōdōna
Acc ga-waknōdō ga-waknōdōna
Gen ga-waknōdins ga-waknōdanē
Dat ga-waknōdin ga-waknōdam

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