Gutisk Waúrd faura-gaggan

sv.VII to go before
m.N. steward, governor

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Noun: steward, governor
Nom faúragagga faúragaggans
Voc faúragagga faúragaggans
Acc faúragaggan faúragaggans
Gen faúragaggins faúragagganē
Dat faúragaggin faúragaggam

Principal parts: faúra-gaggan, faúra-iddja, faúra-iddjun, faúra-gaggans (click to search usasge on

Verb: to go before
1st faúra-gagga faúra-gaggōs faúra-gaggam
2nd faúra-gaggis faúra-gaggats faúra-gaggiþ
3rd faúra-gaggiþ - faúra-gaggand
Present Subjunctive
1st faúra-gaggáu faúra-gaggáiwa faúra-gaggáima
2nd faúra-gaggáis faúra-gaggáits faúra-gaggáiþ
3rd faúra-gaggái - faúra-gaggáina
1st faúra-iddja faúra-iddjēdu faúra-iddjēdum
2nd faúra-iddjēs faúra-iddjēduts faúra-iddjēduþ
3rd faúra-iddja - faúra-iddjēdun
Preterite Subjunctive
1st faúra-iddjēdjáu faúra-iddjēdeiwa faúra-iddjēdeima
2nd faúra-iddjēdeis faúra-iddjēdeits faúra-iddjēdeiþ
3rd faúra-iddjēdi - faúra-iddjēdeina
1st faúra-gaggam
2nd faúra-gagg faúra-gaggats faúra-gaggiþ
3rd faúra-gaggadáu - faúra-gaggandáu
Present Participle
Nom faúra-gaggandei faúra-gaggandeins
Voc faúra-gaggandei faúra-gaggandeins
Acc faúra-gaggandein faúra-gaggandeins
Gen faúra-gaggandeins faúra-gaggandeinō
Dat faúra-gaggandein faúra-gaggandeim
Nom faúra-gaggands, faúra-gagganda faúra-gaggandans
Voc faúra-gagganda faúra-gaggandans
Acc faúra-gaggandan faúra-gaggandans
Gen faúra-gaggandins faúra-gaggandanē
Dat faúra-gaggandin faúra-gaggandam
Nom faúra-gaggandō faúra-gaggandōna
Voc faúra-gaggandō faúra-gaggandōna
Acc faúra-gaggandō faúra-gaggandōna
Gen faúra-gaggandins faúra-gaggandanē
Dat faúra-gaggandin faúra-gaggandam
Past Participle
Strong Feminine
Nom faúra-gaggana faúra-gagganōs
Voc faúra-gaggana faúra-gagganōs
Acc faúra-gaggana faúra-gagganōs
Gen faúra-gagganáizōs faúra-gagganáizō
Dat faúra-gagganái faúra-gagganáim
Strong Masculine
Nom faúra-gaggans faúra-gagganái
Voc faúra-gaggans faúra-gagganái
Acc faúra-gagganana faúra-gagganans
Gen faúra-gagganis faúra-gagganáizē
Dat faúra-gagganamma faúra-gagganáim
Strong Neuter
Nom faúra-gaggan, faúra-gagganata faúra-gaggana
Voc faúra-gaggan, faúra-gagganata faúra-gaggana
Acc faúra-gaggan, faúra-gagganata faúra-gaggana
Gen faúra-gagganis faúra-gagganáizē
Dat faúra-gagganamma faúra-gagganáim
Weak Feminine
Nom faúra-gagganō faúra-gagganōns
Voc faúra-gagganō faúra-gagganōns
Acc faúra-gagganōn faúra-gagganōns
Gen faúra-gagganōns faúra-gagganōnō
Dat faúra-gagganōn faúra-gagganōm
Weak Masculine
Nom faúra-gaggana faúra-gagganans
Voc faúra-gaggana faúra-gagganans
Acc faúra-gagganan faúra-gagganans
Gen faúra-gagganins faúra-gaggananē
Dat faúra-gagganin faúra-gagganam
Weak Neuter
Nom faúra-gagganō faúra-gagganōna
Voc faúra-gagganō faúra-gagganōna
Acc faúra-gagganō faúra-gagganōna
Gen faúra-gagganins faúra-gaggananē
Dat faúra-gagganin faúra-gagganam

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