Gutisk Waúrd du-ginnan

sv.III to begin, undertake

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Principal parts: du-ginnan, du-gann, du-gunnun, du-gunnans (click to search usasge on

Verb: to begin, undertake
1st du-ginna du-ginnōs du-ginnam
2nd du-ginnis du-ginnats du-ginniþ
3rd du-ginniþ - du-ginnand
Present Subjunctive
1st du-ginnáu du-ginnáiwa du-ginnáima
2nd du-ginnáis du-ginnáits du-ginnáiþ
3rd du-ginnái - du-ginnáina
1st du-gann du-gunnu du-gunnum
2nd du-gannt du-gunnuts du-gunnuþ
3rd du-gann - du-gunnun
Preterite Subjunctive
1st du-gunnjáu du-gunneiwa du-gunneima
2nd du-gunneis du-gunneits du-gunneiþ
3rd du-gunni - du-gunneina
1st du-ginnada - du-ginnanda
2nd du-ginnaza - du-ginnanda
3rd du-ginnada - du-ginnanda
Passive Subjunctive
1st du-ginnáidáu - du-ginnáindáu
2nd du-ginnáizáu - du-ginnáindáu
3rd du-ginnáidáu - du-ginnáindáu
1st - - du-ginnam
2nd du-ginn du-ginnats du-ginniþ
3rd du-ginnadáu - du-ginnandáu
Present Participle
Nom du-ginnandei du-ginnandeins
Voc du-ginnandei du-ginnandeins
Acc du-ginnandein du-ginnandeins
Gen du-ginnandeins du-ginnandeinō
Dat du-ginnandein du-ginnandeim
Nom du-ginnands, du-ginnanda du-ginnandans
Voc du-ginnanda du-ginnandans
Acc du-ginnandan du-ginnandans
Gen du-ginnandins du-ginnandanē
Dat du-ginnandin du-ginnandam
Nom du-ginnandō du-ginnandōna
Voc du-ginnandō du-ginnandōna
Acc du-ginnandō du-ginnandōna
Gen du-ginnandins du-ginnandanē
Dat du-ginnandin du-ginnandam
Past Participle
Strong Feminine
Nom du-gunnana du-gunnanōs
Voc du-gunnana du-gunnanōs
Acc du-gunnana du-gunnanōs
Gen du-gunnanáizōs du-gunnanáizō
Dat du-gunnanái du-gunnanáim
Strong Masculine
Nom du-gunnans du-gunnanái
Voc du-gunnans du-gunnanái
Acc du-gunnanana du-gunnanans
Gen du-gunnanis du-gunnanáizē
Dat du-gunnanamma du-gunnanáim
Strong Neuter
Nom du-gunnan, du-gunnanata du-gunnana
Voc du-gunnan, du-gunnanata du-gunnana
Acc du-gunnan, du-gunnanata du-gunnana
Gen du-gunnanis du-gunnanáizē
Dat du-gunnanamma du-gunnanáim
Weak Feminine
Nom du-gunnanō du-gunnanōns
Voc du-gunnanō du-gunnanōns
Acc du-gunnanōn du-gunnanōns
Gen du-gunnanōns du-gunnanōnō
Dat du-gunnanōn du-gunnanōm
Weak Masculine
Nom du-gunnana du-gunnanans
Voc du-gunnana du-gunnanans
Acc du-gunnanan du-gunnanans
Gen du-gunnanins du-gunnananē
Dat du-gunnanin du-gunnanam
Weak Neuter
Nom du-gunnanō du-gunnanōna
Voc du-gunnanō du-gunnanōna
Acc du-gunnanō du-gunnanōna
Gen du-gunnanins du-gunnananē
Dat du-gunnanin du-gunnanam

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