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Gutisk Waúrd bi-sitands

mm. neighbor
sv.V to sit about, sit near

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Noun: neighbor
Nom bisitands bisitands
Voc bisitand bisitands
Acc bisitand bisitands
Gen bisitandis bisitandē
Dat bisitand bisitandam

Principal parts: bi-sitan, bi-sat, bi-setun, bi-sitans (click to search usasge on

Verb: to sit about, sit near
1st bi-sita bi-sitōs bi-sitam
2nd bi-sitis bi-sitats bi-sitiþ
3rd bi-sitiþ - bi-sitand
Present Subjunctive
1st bi-sitáu bi-sitáiwa bi-sitáima
2nd bi-sitáis bi-sitáits bi-sitáiþ
3rd bi-sitái - bi-sitáina
1st bi-sat bi-sētu bi-sētum
2nd bi-sast bi-sētuts bi-sētuþ
3rd bi-sat - bi-sētun
Preterite Subjunctive
1st bi-sētjáu bi-sēteiwa bi-sēteima
2nd bi-sēteis bi-sēteits bi-sēteiþ
3rd bi-sēti - bi-sēteina
1st bi-sitada - bi-sitanda
2nd bi-sitaza - bi-sitanda
3rd bi-sitada - bi-sitanda
Passive Subjunctive
1st bi-sitáidáu - bi-sitáindáu
2nd bi-sitáizáu - bi-sitáindáu
3rd bi-sitáidáu - bi-sitáindáu
1st - - bi-sitam
2nd bi-sit bi-sitats bi-sitiþ
3rd bi-sitadáu - bi-sitandáu
Present Participle
Nom bi-sitandei bi-sitandeins
Voc bi-sitandei bi-sitandeins
Acc bi-sitandein bi-sitandeins
Gen bi-sitandeins bi-sitandeinō
Dat bi-sitandein bi-sitandeim
Nom bi-sitands, bi-sitanda bi-sitandans
Voc bi-sitanda bi-sitandans
Acc bi-sitandan bi-sitandans
Gen bi-sitandins bi-sitandanē
Dat bi-sitandin bi-sitandam
Nom bi-sitandō bi-sitandōna
Voc bi-sitandō bi-sitandōna
Acc bi-sitandō bi-sitandōna
Gen bi-sitandins bi-sitandanē
Dat bi-sitandin bi-sitandam
Past Participle
Strong Feminine
Nom bi-sitana bi-sitanōs
Voc bi-sitana bi-sitanōs
Acc bi-sitana bi-sitanōs
Gen bi-sitanáizōs bi-sitanáizō
Dat bi-sitanái bi-sitanáim
Strong Masculine
Nom bi-sitans bi-sitanái
Voc bi-sitans bi-sitanái
Acc bi-sitanana bi-sitanans
Gen bi-sitanis bi-sitanáizē
Dat bi-sitanamma bi-sitanáim
Strong Neuter
Nom bi-sitan, bi-sitanata bi-sitana
Voc bi-sitan, bi-sitanata bi-sitana
Acc bi-sitan, bi-sitanata bi-sitana
Gen bi-sitanis bi-sitanáizē
Dat bi-sitanamma bi-sitanáim
Weak Feminine
Nom bi-sitanō bi-sitanōns
Voc bi-sitanō bi-sitanōns
Acc bi-sitanōn bi-sitanōns
Gen bi-sitanōns bi-sitanōnō
Dat bi-sitanōn bi-sitanōm
Weak Masculine
Nom bi-sitana bi-sitanans
Voc bi-sitana bi-sitanans
Acc bi-sitanan bi-sitanans
Gen bi-sitanins bi-sitananē
Dat bi-sitanin bi-sitanam
Weak Neuter
Nom bi-sitanō bi-sitanōna
Voc bi-sitanō bi-sitanōna
Acc bi-sitanō bi-sitanōna
Gen bi-sitanins bi-sitananē
Dat bi-sitanin bi-sitanam