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Gutisk Waúrd bi

prep. +acc about, around, against, for, at
prep. +dat by, about, concerning, around, against, according to, on account of, for, at, after, near

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akran baíranto bear fruit
in baírhteinopenly
bōkōs afsateináisa bill of divorcement
wundan brigganto wound
eisarna bi fōtuns gabuganafetters
háubiþ wundan brigganto wound in the head
bi twansby twos
bi þrinsby threes
un-kusana ga-skeireins bi-runáinaisconspiracy theory
bi sunjáireally
bi biuhtjain accordance with custom
bidja þukplease (to one person)
bi allatacompletely
bi fullatafully
biuhtjēcultural (lit. of the customs)
leihtōs bōkōsmagazine