Gutisk Waúrd ana-biudan

sv.II to bid, command, order

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Principal parts: ana-biudan, ana-báuþ, ana-budun, ana-budans (click to search usasge on

Verb: to bid, command, order
1st ana-biuda ana-biudōs ana-biudam
2nd ana-biudis ana-biudats ana-biudiþ
3rd ana-biudiþ - ana-biudand
Present Subjunctive
1st ana-biudáu ana-biudáiwa ana-biudáima
2nd ana-biudáis ana-biudáits ana-biudáiþ
3rd ana-biudái - ana-biudáina
1st ana-báuþ ana-budu ana-budum
2nd ana-báust ana-buduts ana-buduþ
3rd ana-báuþ - ana-budun
Preterite Subjunctive
1st ana-budjáu ana-budeiwa ana-budeima
2nd ana-budeis ana-budeits ana-budeiþ
3rd ana-budi - ana-budeina
1st ana-biudada - ana-biudanda
2nd ana-biudaza - ana-biudanda
3rd ana-biudada - ana-biudanda
Passive Subjunctive
1st ana-biudáidáu - ana-biudáindáu
2nd ana-biudáizáu - ana-biudáindáu
3rd ana-biudáidáu - ana-biudáindáu
1st - - ana-biudam
2nd ana-biuþ ana-biudats ana-biudiþ
3rd ana-biudadáu - ana-biudandáu
Present Participle
Nom ana-biudandei ana-biudandeins
Voc ana-biudandei ana-biudandeins
Acc ana-biudandein ana-biudandeins
Gen ana-biudandeins ana-biudandeinō
Dat ana-biudandein ana-biudandeim
Nom ana-biudands, ana-biudanda ana-biudandans
Voc ana-biudanda ana-biudandans
Acc ana-biudandan ana-biudandans
Gen ana-biudandins ana-biudandanē
Dat ana-biudandin ana-biudandam
Nom ana-biudandō ana-biudandōna
Voc ana-biudandō ana-biudandōna
Acc ana-biudandō ana-biudandōna
Gen ana-biudandins ana-biudandanē
Dat ana-biudandin ana-biudandam
Past Participle
Strong Feminine
Nom ana-budana ana-budanōs
Voc ana-budana ana-budanōs
Acc ana-budana ana-budanōs
Gen ana-budanáizōs ana-budanáizō
Dat ana-budanái ana-budanáim
Strong Masculine
Nom ana-budans ana-budanái
Voc ana-budans ana-budanái
Acc ana-budanana ana-budanans
Gen ana-budanis ana-budanáizē
Dat ana-budanamma ana-budanáim
Strong Neuter
Nom ana-budan, ana-budanata ana-budana
Voc ana-budan, ana-budanata ana-budana
Acc ana-budan, ana-budanata ana-budana
Gen ana-budanis ana-budanáizē
Dat ana-budanamma ana-budanáim
Weak Feminine
Nom ana-budanō ana-budanōns
Voc ana-budanō ana-budanōns
Acc ana-budanōn ana-budanōns
Gen ana-budanōns ana-budanōnō
Dat ana-budanōn ana-budanōm
Weak Masculine
Nom ana-budana ana-budanans
Voc ana-budana ana-budanans
Acc ana-budanan ana-budanans
Gen ana-budanins ana-budananē
Dat ana-budanin ana-budanam
Weak Neuter
Nom ana-budanō ana-budanōna
Voc ana-budanō ana-budanōna
Acc ana-budanō ana-budanōna
Gen ana-budanins ana-budananē
Dat ana-budanin ana-budanam

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