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Gutisk Waúrd -u

part. (interrogative particle, enclitic, on the first word of its clause)

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dal uf mēsaa ditch or hole for a wine vat
und dalaþto the bottom
ubil habanto be ill
ubilaba habanto be ill
und hina dagto this day
und hita (nu)til now, hitherto
und filu máismuch more, so much the more
miþ ushramjanto crucify with
ubil qiþanto speak evil of one, curse
þata ubilthe evil
þata ubilōthe evil
und þateiwhile
und ƕahow long
ushafjan sik jáinþrōto depart thence
uswiss usmitanto be in error, to err
un-kusana ga-skeireins bi-runáinaisconspiracy theory
ufarmunnōn sáiwaláito disregard life
usfilmein dissitanto be astonished
usfarþōn taujan us skipato suffer a shipwreck
áugō unsēlevil eye
ufarassáu habanto abound
untē jabáiFor if...; for although...
us gaþagkjacarefully
ussatiþs wisanto consist
unkusana gaskeireinstheory
us lustumwillingly