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Gutisk Waúrd waljan

wv.I to choose

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Principal parts: waljan, walida, walidedun, waliþs (click to search usasge on

Verb: to choose
1st walja waljōs waljam
2nd waljis waljats waljiþ
3rd waljiþ - waljand
Present Subjunctive
1st waljáu waljáiwa waljáima
2nd waljáis waljáits waljáiþ
3rd waljái - waljáina
1st walida walidēdu walidēdum
2nd walidēs walidēduts walidēduþ
3rd walida - walidēdun
Preterite Subjunctive
1st walidēdjáu walidēdeiwa walidēdeima
2nd walidēdeis walidēdeits walidēdeiþ
3rd walidēdi - walidēdeina
Passive Present
1st waljada waljanda
2nd waljaza waljanda
3rd waljada - waljanda
Passive Present Subjunctive
1st waljáidáu waljáindáu
2nd waljáizáu waljáindáu
3rd waljáidáu - waljáindáu
1st waljam
2nd walei waljats waljiþ
3rd waljadáu - waljandáu
Present Participle
Nom waljandei waljandeins
Voc waljandei waljandeins
Acc waljandein waljandeins
Gen waljandeins waljandeinō
Dat waljandein waljandeim
Nom waljands, waljanda waljandans
Voc waljanda waljandans
Acc waljandan waljandans
Gen waljandins waljandanē
Dat waljandin waljandam
Nom waljandō waljandōna
Voc waljandō waljandōna
Acc waljandō waljandōna
Gen waljandins waljandanē
Dat waljandin waljandam
Past Participle
Strong Feminine
Nom waliþa waliþōs
Voc waliþa waliþōs
Acc waliþa waliþōs
Gen waliþáizōs waliþáizō
Dat waliþái waliþáim
Strong Masculine
Nom waliþs waliþái
Voc waliþs waliþái
Acc waliþana waliþans
Gen waliþis waliþáizē
Dat waliþamma waliþáim
Strong Neuter
Nom waliþ, waliþata waliþa
Voc waliþ, waliþata waliþa
Acc waliþ, waliþata waliþa
Gen waliþis waliþáizē
Dat waliþamma waliþáim
Weak Feminine
Nom waliþō waliþōns
Voc waliþō waliþōns
Acc waliþōn waliþōns
Gen waliþōns waliþōnō
Dat waliþōn waliþōm
Weak Masculine
Nom waliþa waliþans
Voc waliþa waliþans
Acc waliþan waliþans
Gen waliþins waliþanē
Dat waliþin waliþam
Weak Neuter
Nom waliþō waliþōna
Voc waliþō waliþōna
Acc waliþō waliþōna
Gen waliþins waliþanē
Dat waliþin waliþam