Gutisk Waúrd ufar-munnōn

wv.II+dat to forget

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Principal parts: ufar-munnon, ufar-munnoda, ufar-munnodedun, ufar-munnoþs (click to search usasge on

Verb: to forget
1st ufar-munnō ufar-munnōs ufar-munnōm
2nd ufar-munnōs ufar-munnōts ufar-munnōþ
3rd ufar-munnōþ - ufar-munnōnd
Present Subjunctive
1st ufar-munnō ufar-munnōwa ufar-munnōma
2nd ufar-munnōs ufar-munnōts ufar-munniþ
3rd ufar-munnō - ufar-munnōna
1st ufar-munnōda ufar-munnōdēdu ufar-munnōdēdum
2nd ufar-munnōdēs ufar-munnōdēduts ufar-munnōdēduþ
3rd ufar-munnōda - ufar-munnōdēdun
Preterite Subjunctive
1st ufar-munnōdēdjáu ufar-munnōdēdeiwa ufar-munnōdēdeima
2nd ufar-munnōdēdeis ufar-munnōdēdeits ufar-munnōdēdeiþ
3rd ufar-munnōdēdi - ufar-munnōdēdeina
Passive Present
1st ufar-munnōda ufar-munnōnda
2nd ufar-munnōza ufar-munnōnda
3rd ufar-munnōda - ufar-munnōnda
Passive Present Subjunctive
1st ufar-munnōdáu ufar-munnōdnáu
2nd ufar-munnōzáu ufar-munnōdnáu
3rd ufar-munnōdáu - ufar-munnōdnáu
1st ufar-munnōm
2nd ufar-munnō ufar-munnōts ufar-munnōþ
3rd ufar-munnōdáu - ufar-munnōndáu
Present Participle
Nom ufar-munnōndei ufar-munnōndeins
Voc ufar-munnōndei ufar-munnōndeins
Acc ufar-munnōndein ufar-munnōndeins
Gen ufar-munnōndeins ufar-munnōndeinō
Dat ufar-munnōndein ufar-munnōndeim
Nom ufar-munnōnds, ufar-munnōnda ufar-munnōndans
Voc ufar-munnōnda ufar-munnōndans
Acc ufar-munnōndan ufar-munnōndans
Gen ufar-munnōndins ufar-munnōndanē
Dat ufar-munnōndin ufar-munnōndam
Nom ufar-munnōndō ufar-munnōndōna
Voc ufar-munnōndō ufar-munnōndōna
Acc ufar-munnōndō ufar-munnōndōna
Gen ufar-munnōndins ufar-munnōndanē
Dat ufar-munnōndin ufar-munnōndam
Past Participle
Strong Feminine
Nom ufar-munnōda ufar-munnōdōs
Voc ufar-munnōda ufar-munnōdōs
Acc ufar-munnōda ufar-munnōdōs
Gen ufar-munnōdáizōs ufar-munnōdáizō
Dat ufar-munnōdái ufar-munnōdáim
Strong Masculine
Nom ufar-munnōþs ufar-munnōdái
Voc ufar-munnōþs ufar-munnōdái
Acc ufar-munnōdana ufar-munnōdans
Gen ufar-munnōdis ufar-munnōdáizē
Dat ufar-munnōdamma ufar-munnōdáim
Strong Neuter
Nom ufar-munnōþ, ufar-munnōdata ufar-munnōda
Voc ufar-munnōþ, ufar-munnōdata ufar-munnōda
Acc ufar-munnōþ, ufar-munnōdata ufar-munnōda
Gen ufar-munnōdis ufar-munnōdáizē
Dat ufar-munnōdamma ufar-munnōdáim
Weak Feminine
Nom ufar-munnōdō ufar-munnōdōns
Voc ufar-munnōdō ufar-munnōdōns
Acc ufar-munnōdōn ufar-munnōdōns
Gen ufar-munnōdōns ufar-munnōdōnō
Dat ufar-munnōdōn ufar-munnōdōm
Weak Masculine
Nom ufar-munnōda ufar-munnōdans
Voc ufar-munnōda ufar-munnōdans
Acc ufar-munnōdan ufar-munnōdans
Gen ufar-munnōdins ufar-munnōdanē
Dat ufar-munnōdin ufar-munnōdam
Weak Neuter
Nom ufar-munnōdō ufar-munnōdōna
Voc ufar-munnōdō ufar-munnōdōna
Acc ufar-munnōdō ufar-munnōdōna
Gen ufar-munnōdins ufar-munnōdanē
Dat ufar-munnōdin ufar-munnōdam

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