Gutisk Waúrd tuz-wērjan

wv.I to doubt

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Principal parts: tuz-werjan, tuz-werida, tuz-weridedun, tuz-weriþs (click to search usasge on

Verb: to doubt
1st tuz-wērja tuz-wērjōs tuz-wērjam
2nd tuz-wēreis tuz-wērjats tuz-wēreiþ
3rd tuz-wēreiþ - tuz-wērjand
Present Subjunctive
1st tuz-wērjáu tuz-wērjáiwa tuz-wērjáima
2nd tuz-wērjáis tuz-wērjáits tuz-wērjáiþ
3rd tuz-wērjái - tuz-wērjáina
1st tuz-wērida tuz-wēridēdu tuz-wēridēdum
2nd tuz-wēridēs tuz-wēridēduts tuz-wēridēduþ
3rd tuz-wērida - tuz-wēridēdun
Preterite Subjunctive
1st tuz-wēridēdjáu tuz-wēridēdeiwa tuz-wēridēdeima
2nd tuz-wēridēdeis tuz-wēridēdeits tuz-wēridēdeiþ
3rd tuz-wēridēdi - tuz-wēridēdeina
Passive Present
1st tuz-wērjada tuz-wērjanda
2nd tuz-wērjaza tuz-wērjanda
3rd tuz-wērjada - tuz-wērjanda
Passive Present Subjunctive
1st tuz-wērjáidáu tuz-wērjáindáu
2nd tuz-wērjáizáu tuz-wērjáindáu
3rd tuz-wērjáidáu - tuz-wērjáindáu
1st tuz-wērjam
2nd tuz-wērei tuz-wērjats tuz-wēreiþ
3rd tuz-wērjadáu - tuz-wērjandáu
Present Participle
Nom tuz-wērjandei tuz-wērjandeins
Voc tuz-wērjandei tuz-wērjandeins
Acc tuz-wērjandein tuz-wērjandeins
Gen tuz-wērjandeins tuz-wērjandeinō
Dat tuz-wērjandein tuz-wērjandeim
Nom tuz-wērjands, tuz-wērjanda tuz-wērjandans
Voc tuz-wērjanda tuz-wērjandans
Acc tuz-wērjandan tuz-wērjandans
Gen tuz-wērjandins tuz-wērjandanē
Dat tuz-wērjandin tuz-wērjandam
Nom tuz-wērjandō tuz-wērjandōna
Voc tuz-wērjandō tuz-wērjandōna
Acc tuz-wērjandō tuz-wērjandōna
Gen tuz-wērjandins tuz-wērjandanē
Dat tuz-wērjandin tuz-wērjandam
Past Participle
Strong Feminine
Nom tuz-wērida tuz-wēridōs
Voc tuz-wērida tuz-wēridōs
Acc tuz-wērida tuz-wēridōs
Gen tuz-wēridáizōs tuz-wēridáizō
Dat tuz-wēridái tuz-wēridáim
Strong Masculine
Nom tuz-wēriþs tuz-wēridái
Voc tuz-wēriþs tuz-wēridái
Acc tuz-wēridana tuz-wēridans
Gen tuz-wēridis tuz-wēridáizē
Dat tuz-wēridamma tuz-wēridáim
Strong Neuter
Nom tuz-wēriþ, tuz-wēridata tuz-wērida
Voc tuz-wēriþ, tuz-wēridata tuz-wērida
Acc tuz-wēriþ, tuz-wēridata tuz-wērida
Gen tuz-wēridis tuz-wēridáizē
Dat tuz-wēridamma tuz-wēridáim
Weak Feminine
Nom tuz-wēridō tuz-wēridōns
Voc tuz-wēridō tuz-wēridōns
Acc tuz-wēridōn tuz-wēridōns
Gen tuz-wēridōns tuz-wēridōnō
Dat tuz-wēridōn tuz-wēridōm
Weak Masculine
Nom tuz-wērida tuz-wēridans
Voc tuz-wērida tuz-wēridans
Acc tuz-wēridan tuz-wēridans
Gen tuz-wēridins tuz-wēridanē
Dat tuz-wēridin tuz-wēridam
Weak Neuter
Nom tuz-wēridō tuz-wēridōna
Voc tuz-wēridō tuz-wēridōna
Acc tuz-wēridō tuz-wēridōna
Gen tuz-wēridins tuz-wēridanē
Dat tuz-wēridin tuz-wēridam

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