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Gutisk Waúrd taihswa

sf. the right hand
w.aj. right (hand side)

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Noun: the right hand
Nom taíhswa taíhswōs
Voc taíhswa taíhswōs
Acc taíhswa taíhswōs
Gen taíhswōs taíhswō
Dat taíhswái taíhswōm

Adjective: right (hand side)
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Weak Feminine
Nom taíhswō taíhswōns
Voc taíhswō taíhswōns
Acc taíhswōn taíhswōns
Gen taíhswōns taíhswōnō
Dat taíhswōn taíhswōm
Weak Masculine
Nom taíhswa taíhswans
Voc taíhswa taíhswans
Acc taíhswan taíhswans
Gen taíhswins taíhswanē
Dat taíhswin taíhswam
Weak Neuter
Nom taíhswō taíhswōna
Voc taíhswō taíhswōna
Acc taíhswō taíhswōna
Gen taíhswins taíhswanē
Dat taíhswin taíhswam