Gutisk Waúrd saian

sv.VIIb to sow

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Principal parts: saian, saíso, saísoun, saians (click to search usasge on

Verb: to sow
1st saia saiōs saiam
2nd saiis saiats saiiþ
3rd saiiþ - saiand
Present Subjunctive
1st saiáu saiáiwa saiáima
2nd saiáis saiáits saiáiþ
3rd saiái - saiáina
1st saísō saísōu saísōum
2nd saísōt saísōuts saísōuþ
3rd saísō - saísōun
Preterite Subjunctive
1st saísōjáu saísōeiwa saísōeima
2nd saísōeis saísōeits saísōeiþ
3rd saísōi - saísōeina
1st saiada - saianda
2nd saiaza - saianda
3rd saiada - saianda
Passive Subjunctive
1st saiáidáu - saiáindáu
2nd saiáizáu - saiáindáu
3rd saiáidáu - saiáindáu
1st - - saiam
2nd sai saiats saiiþ
3rd saiadáu - saiandáu
Present Participle
Nom saiandei saiandeins
Voc saiandei saiandeins
Acc saiandein saiandeins
Gen saiandeins saiandeinō
Dat saiandein saiandeim
Nom saiands, saianda saiandans
Voc saianda saiandans
Acc saiandan saiandans
Gen saiandins saiandanē
Dat saiandin saiandam
Nom saiandō saiandōna
Voc saiandō saiandōna
Acc saiandō saiandōna
Gen saiandins saiandanē
Dat saiandin saiandam
Past Participle
Strong Feminine
Nom saiana saianōs
Voc saiana saianōs
Acc saiana saianōs
Gen saianáizōs saianáizō
Dat saianái saianáim
Strong Masculine
Nom saians saianái
Voc saians saianái
Acc saianana saianans
Gen saianis saianáizē
Dat saianamma saianáim
Strong Neuter
Nom saian, saianata saiana
Voc saian, saianata saiana
Acc saian, saianata saiana
Gen saianis saianáizē
Dat saianamma saianáim
Weak Feminine
Nom saianō saianōns
Voc saianō saianōns
Acc saianōn saianōns
Gen saianōns saianōnō
Dat saianōn saianōm
Weak Masculine
Nom saiana saianans
Voc saiana saianans
Acc saianan saianans
Gen saianins saiananē
Dat saianin saianam
Weak Neuter
Nom saianō saianōna
Voc saianō saianōna
Acc saianō saianōna
Gen saianins saiananē
Dat saianin saianam

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