Gutisk Waúrd rōdjan

wv.I+intr to speak, talk

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Principal parts: rodjan, rodida, rodidedun, rodiþs (click to search usasge on

Verb: to speak, talk
1st rōdja rōdjōs rōdjam
2nd rōdeis rōdjats rōdeiþ
3rd rōdeiþ - rōdjand
Present Subjunctive
1st rōdjáu rōdjáiwa rōdjáima
2nd rōdjáis rōdjáits rōdjáiþ
3rd rōdjái - rōdjáina
1st rōdida rōdidēdu rōdidēdum
2nd rōdidēs rōdidēduts rōdidēduþ
3rd rōdida - rōdidēdun
Preterite Subjunctive
1st rōdidēdjáu rōdidēdeiwa rōdidēdeima
2nd rōdidēdeis rōdidēdeits rōdidēdeiþ
3rd rōdidēdi - rōdidēdeina
1st rōdjam
2nd rōdei rōdjats rōdeiþ
3rd rōdjadáu - rōdjandáu
Present Participle
Nom rōdjandei rōdjandeins
Voc rōdjandei rōdjandeins
Acc rōdjandein rōdjandeins
Gen rōdjandeins rōdjandeinō
Dat rōdjandein rōdjandeim
Nom rōdjands, rōdjanda rōdjandans
Voc rōdjanda rōdjandans
Acc rōdjandan rōdjandans
Gen rōdjandins rōdjandanē
Dat rōdjandin rōdjandam
Nom rōdjandō rōdjandōna
Voc rōdjandō rōdjandōna
Acc rōdjandō rōdjandōna
Gen rōdjandins rōdjandanē
Dat rōdjandin rōdjandam
Past Participle
Strong Feminine
Nom rōdida rōdidōs
Voc rōdida rōdidōs
Acc rōdida rōdidōs
Gen rōdidáizōs rōdidáizō
Dat rōdidái rōdidáim
Strong Masculine
Nom rōdiþs rōdidái
Voc rōdiþs rōdidái
Acc rōdidana rōdidans
Gen rōdidis rōdidáizē
Dat rōdidamma rōdidáim
Strong Neuter
Nom rōdiþ, rōdidata rōdida
Voc rōdiþ, rōdidata rōdida
Acc rōdiþ, rōdidata rōdida
Gen rōdidis rōdidáizē
Dat rōdidamma rōdidáim
Weak Feminine
Nom rōdidō rōdidōns
Voc rōdidō rōdidōns
Acc rōdidōn rōdidōns
Gen rōdidōns rōdidōnō
Dat rōdidōn rōdidōm
Weak Masculine
Nom rōdida rōdidans
Voc rōdida rōdidans
Acc rōdidan rōdidans
Gen rōdidins rōdidanē
Dat rōdidin rōdidam
Weak Neuter
Nom rōdidō rōdidōna
Voc rōdidō rōdidōna
Acc rōdidō rōdidōna
Gen rōdidins rōdidanē
Dat rōdidin rōdidam

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