Gutisk Waúrd reikinōn

wv.II to rule, govern

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Principal parts: reikinon, reikinoda, reikinodedun, reikinoþs (click to search usasge on

Verb: to rule, govern
1st reikinō reikinōs reikinōm
2nd reikinōs reikinōts reikinōþ
3rd reikinōþ - reikinōnd
Present Subjunctive
1st reikinō reikinōwa reikinōma
2nd reikinōs reikinōts reikiniþ
3rd reikinō - reikinōna
1st reikinōda reikinōdēdu reikinōdēdum
2nd reikinōdēs reikinōdēduts reikinōdēduþ
3rd reikinōda - reikinōdēdun
Preterite Subjunctive
1st reikinōdēdjáu reikinōdēdeiwa reikinōdēdeima
2nd reikinōdēdeis reikinōdēdeits reikinōdēdeiþ
3rd reikinōdēdi - reikinōdēdeina
Passive Present
1st reikinōda reikinōnda
2nd reikinōza reikinōnda
3rd reikinōda - reikinōnda
Passive Present Subjunctive
1st reikinōdáu reikinōdnáu
2nd reikinōzáu reikinōdnáu
3rd reikinōdáu - reikinōdnáu
1st reikinōm
2nd reikinō reikinōts reikinōþ
3rd reikinōdáu - reikinōndáu
Present Participle
Nom reikinōndei reikinōndeins
Voc reikinōndei reikinōndeins
Acc reikinōndein reikinōndeins
Gen reikinōndeins reikinōndeinō
Dat reikinōndein reikinōndeim
Nom reikinōnds, reikinōnda reikinōndans
Voc reikinōnda reikinōndans
Acc reikinōndan reikinōndans
Gen reikinōndins reikinōndanē
Dat reikinōndin reikinōndam
Nom reikinōndō reikinōndōna
Voc reikinōndō reikinōndōna
Acc reikinōndō reikinōndōna
Gen reikinōndins reikinōndanē
Dat reikinōndin reikinōndam
Past Participle
Strong Feminine
Nom reikinōda reikinōdōs
Voc reikinōda reikinōdōs
Acc reikinōda reikinōdōs
Gen reikinōdáizōs reikinōdáizō
Dat reikinōdái reikinōdáim
Strong Masculine
Nom reikinōþs reikinōdái
Voc reikinōþs reikinōdái
Acc reikinōdana reikinōdans
Gen reikinōdis reikinōdáizē
Dat reikinōdamma reikinōdáim
Strong Neuter
Nom reikinōþ, reikinōdata reikinōda
Voc reikinōþ, reikinōdata reikinōda
Acc reikinōþ, reikinōdata reikinōda
Gen reikinōdis reikinōdáizē
Dat reikinōdamma reikinōdáim
Weak Feminine
Nom reikinōdō reikinōdōns
Voc reikinōdō reikinōdōns
Acc reikinōdōn reikinōdōns
Gen reikinōdōns reikinōdōnō
Dat reikinōdōn reikinōdōm
Weak Masculine
Nom reikinōda reikinōdans
Voc reikinōda reikinōdans
Acc reikinōdan reikinōdans
Gen reikinōdins reikinōdanē
Dat reikinōdin reikinōdam
Weak Neuter
Nom reikinōdō reikinōdōna
Voc reikinōdō reikinōdōna
Acc reikinōdō reikinōdōna
Gen reikinōdins reikinōdanē
Dat reikinōdin reikinōdam

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