Gutisk Waúrd ōgan

pp.VI to fear

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Principal parts: ogan, oh, ogun, ohts (click to search usasge on

Verb: to fear
1st ōg ōgu ōgum
2nd ōgt ōguts ōguþ
3rd ōg - ōgun
Present Subjunctive
1st ōgjáu ōgeiwa ōgeima
2nd ōgeis ōgeits ōgeiþ
3rd ōgi - ōgeina
1st ōhta ōhtēdu ōhtēdum
2nd ōhtēs ōhtēduts ōhtēduþ
3rd ōhta - ōhtēdun
Preterite Subjunctive
1st ōhtēdjáu ōhtēdeiwa ōhtēdeima
2nd ōhtēdeis ōhtēdeits ōhtēdeiþ
3rd ōhtēdi - ōhtēdeina
Present Participle
Nom ōgandei ōgandeins
Voc ōgandei ōgandeins
Acc ōgandein ōgandeins
Gen ōgandeins ōgandeinō
Dat ōgandein ōgandeim
Nom ōgands, ōganda ōgandans
Voc ōganda ōgandans
Acc ōgandan ōgandans
Gen ōgandins ōgandanē
Dat ōgandin ōgandam
Nom ōgandō ōgandōna
Voc ōgandō ōgandōna
Acc ōgandō ōgandōna
Gen ōgandins ōgandanē
Dat ōgandin ōgandam
Past Participle
Strong Feminine
Nom ōhta ōhtōs
Voc ōhta ōhtōs
Acc ōhta ōhtōs
Gen ōhtáizōs ōhtáizō
Dat ōhtái ōhtáim
Strong Masculine
Nom ōhts ōhtái
Voc ōhts ōhtái
Acc ōhtana ōhtans
Gen ōhtis ōhtáizē
Dat ōhtamma ōhtáim
Strong Neuter
Nom ōht, ōhtata ōhta
Voc ōht, ōhtata ōhta
Acc ōht, ōhtata ōhta
Gen ōhtis ōhtáizē
Dat ōhtamma ōhtáim
Weak Feminine
Nom ōhtō ōhtōns
Voc ōhtō ōhtōns
Acc ōhtōn ōhtōns
Gen ōhtōns ōhtōnō
Dat ōhtōn ōhtōm
Weak Masculine
Nom ōhta ōhtans
Voc ōhta ōhtans
Acc ōhtan ōhtans
Gen ōhtins ōhtanē
Dat ōhtin ōhtam
Weak Neuter
Nom ōhtō ōhtōna
Voc ōhtō ōhtōna
Acc ōhtō ōhtōna
Gen ōhtins ōhtanē
Dat ōhtin ōhtam

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