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Gutisk Waúrd minniza

w.aj. smaller, less; younger

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Adjective: smaller, less; younger
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Weak Feminine
Nom minnizō minnizōns
Voc minnizō minnizōns
Acc minnizōn minnizōns
Gen minnizōns minnizōnō
Dat minnizōn minnizōm
Weak Masculine
Nom minniza minnizans
Voc minniza minnizans
Acc minnizan minnizans
Gen minnizins minnizanē
Dat minnizin minnizam
Weak Neuter
Nom minnizō minnizōna
Voc minnizō minnizōna
Acc minnizō minnizōna
Gen minnizins minnizanē
Dat minnizin minnizam


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