Gutisk Waúrd hwōpan

sv.VII+intr to boast

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Principal parts: ƕopan, haíƕop, haíƕopun, ƕopans (click to search usasge on

Verb: to boast
1st ƕōpa ƕōpōs ƕōpam
2nd ƕōpis ƕōpats ƕōpiþ
3rd ƕōpiþ - ƕōpand
Present Subjunctive
1st ƕōpáu ƕōpáiwa ƕōpáima
2nd ƕōpáis ƕōpáits ƕōpáiþ
3rd ƕōpái - ƕōpáina
1st haíƕōp haíƕōpu haíƕōpum
2nd haíƕōft haíƕōputs haíƕōpuþ
3rd haíƕōp - haíƕōpun
Preterite Subjunctive
1st haíƕōpjáu haíƕōpeiwa haíƕōpeima
2nd haíƕōpeis haíƕōpeits haíƕōpeiþ
3rd haíƕōpi - haíƕōpeina
1st - - ƕōpam
2nd ƕōp ƕōpats ƕōpiþ
3rd ƕōpadáu - ƕōpandáu
Present Participle
Nom ƕōpandei ƕōpandeins
Voc ƕōpandei ƕōpandeins
Acc ƕōpandein ƕōpandeins
Gen ƕōpandeins ƕōpandeinō
Dat ƕōpandein ƕōpandeim
Nom ƕōpands, ƕōpanda ƕōpandans
Voc ƕōpanda ƕōpandans
Acc ƕōpandan ƕōpandans
Gen ƕōpandins ƕōpandanē
Dat ƕōpandin ƕōpandam
Nom ƕōpandō ƕōpandōna
Voc ƕōpandō ƕōpandōna
Acc ƕōpandō ƕōpandōna
Gen ƕōpandins ƕōpandanē
Dat ƕōpandin ƕōpandam
Past Participle
Strong Feminine
Nom ƕōpana ƕōpanōs
Voc ƕōpana ƕōpanōs
Acc ƕōpana ƕōpanōs
Gen ƕōpanáizōs ƕōpanáizō
Dat ƕōpanái ƕōpanáim
Strong Masculine
Nom ƕōpans ƕōpanái
Voc ƕōpans ƕōpanái
Acc ƕōpanana ƕōpanans
Gen ƕōpanis ƕōpanáizē
Dat ƕōpanamma ƕōpanáim
Strong Neuter
Nom ƕōpan, ƕōpanata ƕōpana
Voc ƕōpan, ƕōpanata ƕōpana
Acc ƕōpan, ƕōpanata ƕōpana
Gen ƕōpanis ƕōpanáizē
Dat ƕōpanamma ƕōpanáim
Weak Feminine
Nom ƕōpanō ƕōpanōns
Voc ƕōpanō ƕōpanōns
Acc ƕōpanōn ƕōpanōns
Gen ƕōpanōns ƕōpanōnō
Dat ƕōpanōn ƕōpanōm
Weak Masculine
Nom ƕōpana ƕōpanans
Voc ƕōpana ƕōpanans
Acc ƕōpanan ƕōpanans
Gen ƕōpanins ƕōpananē
Dat ƕōpanin ƕōpanam
Weak Neuter
Nom ƕōpanō ƕōpanōna
Voc ƕōpanō ƕōpanōna
Acc ƕōpanō ƕōpanōna
Gen ƕōpanins ƕōpananē
Dat ƕōpanin ƕōpanam

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