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Gutisk Waúrd hahan

sv.VII to hang

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Principal parts: hāhan, haíhāh, haíhāhun, hāhans (click to search usasge on

Verb: to hang
1st hāha hāhōs hāham
2nd hāhis hāhats hāhiþ
3rd hāhiþ - hāhand
Present Subjunctive
1st hāháu hāháiwa hāháima
2nd hāháis hāháits hāháiþ
3rd hāhái - hāháina
1st haíhāh haíhāhu haíhāhum
2nd haíhāht haíhāhuts haíhāhuþ
3rd haíhāh - haíhāhun
Preterite Subjunctive
1st haíhāhjáu haíhāheiwa haíhāheima
2nd haíhāheis haíhāheits haíhāheiþ
3rd haíhāhi - haíhāheina
1st hāhada - hāhanda
2nd hāhaza - hāhanda
3rd hāhada - hāhanda
Passive Subjunctive
1st hāháidáu - hāháindáu
2nd hāháizáu - hāháindáu
3rd hāháidáu - hāháindáu
1st - - hāham
2nd hāh hāhats hāhiþ
3rd hāhadáu - hāhandáu
Present Participle
Nom hāhandei hāhandeins
Voc hāhandei hāhandeins
Acc hāhandein hāhandeins
Gen hāhandeins hāhandeinō
Dat hāhandein hāhandeim
Nom hāhands, hāhanda hāhandans
Voc hāhanda hāhandans
Acc hāhandan hāhandans
Gen hāhandins hāhandanē
Dat hāhandin hāhandam
Nom hāhandō hāhandōna
Voc hāhandō hāhandōna
Acc hāhandō hāhandōna
Gen hāhandins hāhandanē
Dat hāhandin hāhandam
Past Participle
Strong Feminine
Nom hāhana hāhanōs
Voc hāhana hāhanōs
Acc hāhana hāhanōs
Gen hāhanáizōs hāhanáizō
Dat hāhanái hāhanáim
Strong Masculine
Nom hāhans hāhanái
Voc hāhans hāhanái
Acc hāhanana hāhanans
Gen hāhanis hāhanáizē
Dat hāhanamma hāhanáim
Strong Neuter
Nom hāhan, hāhanata hāhana
Voc hāhan, hāhanata hāhana
Acc hāhan, hāhanata hāhana
Gen hāhanis hāhanáizē
Dat hāhanamma hāhanáim
Weak Feminine
Nom hāhanō hāhanōns
Voc hāhanō hāhanōns
Acc hāhanōn hāhanōns
Gen hāhanōns hāhanōnō
Dat hāhanōn hāhanōm
Weak Masculine
Nom hāhana hāhanans
Voc hāhana hāhanans
Acc hāhanan hāhanans
Gen hāhanins hāhananē
Dat hāhanin hāhanam
Weak Neuter
Nom hāhanō hāhanōna
Voc hāhanō hāhanōna
Acc hāhanō hāhanōna
Gen hāhanins hāhananē
Dat hāhanin hāhanam