Gutisk Waúrd gaggan

sv.VII+intr to go

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Principal parts: gaggan, iddja, iddjun, gaggans (click to search usasge on

Verb: to go
1st gagga gaggōs gaggam
2nd gaggis gaggats gaggiþ
3rd gaggiþ - gaggand
Present Subjunctive
1st gaggáu gaggáiwa gaggáima
2nd gaggáis gaggáits gaggáiþ
3rd gaggái - gaggáina
1st iddja iddjēdu iddjēdum
2nd iddjēs iddjēduts iddjēduþ
3rd iddja - iddjēdun
Preterite Subjunctive
1st iddjēdjáu iddjēdeiwa iddjēdeima
2nd iddjēdeis iddjēdeits iddjēdeiþ
3rd iddjēdi - iddjēdeina
1st gaggam
2nd gagg gaggats gaggiþ
3rd gaggadáu - gaggandáu
Present Participle
Nom gaggandei gaggandeins
Voc gaggandei gaggandeins
Acc gaggandein gaggandeins
Gen gaggandeins gaggandeinō
Dat gaggandein gaggandeim
Nom gaggands, gagganda gaggandans
Voc gagganda gaggandans
Acc gaggandan gaggandans
Gen gaggandins gaggandanē
Dat gaggandin gaggandam
Nom gaggandō gaggandōna
Voc gaggandō gaggandōna
Acc gaggandō gaggandōna
Gen gaggandins gaggandanē
Dat gaggandin gaggandam
Past Participle
Strong Feminine
Nom gaggana gagganōs
Voc gaggana gagganōs
Acc gaggana gagganōs
Gen gagganáizōs gagganáizō
Dat gagganái gagganáim
Strong Masculine
Nom gaggans gagganái
Voc gaggans gagganái
Acc gagganana gagganans
Gen gagganis gagganáizē
Dat gagganamma gagganáim
Strong Neuter
Nom gaggan, gagganata gaggana
Voc gaggan, gagganata gaggana
Acc gaggan, gagganata gaggana
Gen gagganis gagganáizē
Dat gagganamma gagganáim
Weak Feminine
Nom gagganō gagganōns
Voc gagganō gagganōns
Acc gagganōn gagganōns
Gen gagganōns gagganōnō
Dat gagganōn gagganōm
Weak Masculine
Nom gaggana gagganans
Voc gaggana gagganans
Acc gagganan gagganans
Gen gagganins gaggananē
Dat gagganin gagganam
Weak Neuter
Nom gagganō gagganōna
Voc gagganō gagganōna
Acc gagganō gagganōna
Gen gagganins gaggananē
Dat gagganin gagganam


inn gagganto go in, enter

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