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Gutisk Waúrd ga-waurkjan

wv.I to make, prepare, appoint

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Principal parts: ga-waúrkjan, ga-waúrhta, ga-waúrhtun, ga-waúrhts (click to search usasge on

Verb: to make, prepare, appoint
1st ga-waúrkja ga-waúrkjōs ga-waúrkjam
2nd ga-waúrkeis ga-waúrkjats ga-waúrkeiþ
3rd ga-waúrkeiþ - ga-waúrkjand
Present Subjunctive
1st ga-waúrkjáu ga-waúrkjáiwa ga-waúrkjáima
2nd ga-waúrkjáis ga-waúrkjáits ga-waúrkjáiþ
3rd ga-waúrkjái - ga-waúrkjáina
1st ga-waúrhta waúrhtēdu waúrhtēdum
2nd ga-waúrhtēs waúrhtēduts waúrhtēduþ
3rd ga-waúrhta - waúrhtēdun
Preterite Subjunctive
1st waúrhtēdjáu waúrhtēdeiwa waúrhtēdeima
2nd waúrhtēdeis waúrhtēdeits waúrhtēdeiþ
3rd waúrhtēdi - waúrhtēdeina
Passive Present
1st ga-waúrkjada ga-waúrkjanda
2nd ga-waúrkjaza ga-waúrkjanda
3rd ga-waúrkjada - ga-waúrkjanda
Passive Present Subjunctive
1st ga-waúrkjáidáu ga-waúrkjáindáu
2nd ga-waúrkjáizáu ga-waúrkjáindáu
3rd ga-waúrkjáidáu - ga-waúrkjáindáu
1st ga-waúrkjam
2nd ga-waúrkei ga-waúrkjats ga-waúrkeiþ
3rd ga-waúrkjadáu - ga-waúrkjandáu
Present Participle
Nom ga-waúrkjandei ga-waúrkjandeins
Voc ga-waúrkjandei ga-waúrkjandeins
Acc ga-waúrkjandein ga-waúrkjandeins
Gen ga-waúrkjandeins ga-waúrkjandeinō
Dat ga-waúrkjandein ga-waúrkjandeim
Nom ga-waúrkjands, ga-waúrkjanda ga-waúrkjandans
Voc ga-waúrkjanda ga-waúrkjandans
Acc ga-waúrkjandan ga-waúrkjandans
Gen ga-waúrkjandins ga-waúrkjandanē
Dat ga-waúrkjandin ga-waúrkjandam
Nom ga-waúrkjandō ga-waúrkjandōna
Voc ga-waúrkjandō ga-waúrkjandōna
Acc ga-waúrkjandō ga-waúrkjandōna
Gen ga-waúrkjandins ga-waúrkjandanē
Dat ga-waúrkjandin ga-waúrkjandam
Past Participle
Strong Feminine
Nom ga-waúrhta ga-waúrhtōs
Voc ga-waúrhta ga-waúrhtōs
Acc ga-waúrhta ga-waúrhtōs
Gen ga-waúrhtáizōs ga-waúrhtáizō
Dat ga-waúrhtái ga-waúrhtáim
Strong Masculine
Nom ga-waúrhts ga-waúrhtái
Voc ga-waúrhts ga-waúrhtái
Acc ga-waúrhtana ga-waúrhtans
Gen ga-waúrhtis ga-waúrhtáizē
Dat ga-waúrhtamma ga-waúrhtáim
Strong Neuter
Nom ga-waúrht, ga-waúrhtata ga-waúrhta
Voc ga-waúrht, ga-waúrhtata ga-waúrhta
Acc ga-waúrht, ga-waúrhtata ga-waúrhta
Gen ga-waúrhtis ga-waúrhtáizē
Dat ga-waúrhtamma ga-waúrhtáim
Weak Feminine
Nom ga-waúrhtō ga-waúrhtōns
Voc ga-waúrhtō ga-waúrhtōns
Acc ga-waúrhtōn ga-waúrhtōns
Gen ga-waúrhtōns ga-waúrhtōnō
Dat ga-waúrhtōn ga-waúrhtōm
Weak Masculine
Nom ga-waúrhta ga-waúrhtans
Voc ga-waúrhta ga-waúrhtans
Acc ga-waúrhtan ga-waúrhtans
Gen ga-waúrhtins ga-waúrhtanē
Dat ga-waúrhtin ga-waúrhtam
Weak Neuter
Nom ga-waúrhtō ga-waúrhtōna
Voc ga-waúrhtō ga-waúrhtōna
Acc ga-waúrhtō ga-waúrhtōna
Gen ga-waúrhtins ga-waúrhtanē
Dat ga-waúrhtin ga-waúrhtam


run gawaúrkjan sisto rush violently