Gutisk Waúrd ga-þarban

wv.III+gen to suffer want, abstain from

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Principal parts: ga-þarbān, ga-þarbáida, ga-þarbáidedun, ga-þarbáiþs (click to search usasge on

Verb: to suffer want, abstain from
1st ga-þarba ga-þarbōs ga-þarbām
2nd ga-þarbáis ga-þarbāts ga-þarbáiþ
3rd ga-þarbáiþ - ga-þarbānd
Present Subjunctive
1st ga-þarbáu ga-þarbáiwa ga-þarbáima
2nd ga-þarbáis ga-þarbáits ga-þarbáiþ
3rd ga-þarbái - ga-þarbáina
1st ga-þarbáida ga-þarbáidēdu ga-þarbáidēdum
2nd ga-þarbáidēs ga-þarbáidēduts ga-þarbáidēduþ
3rd ga-þarbáida - ga-þarbáidēdun
Preterite Subjunctive
1st ga-þarbáidēdjáu ga-þarbáidēdeiwa ga-þarbáidēdeima
2nd ga-þarbáidēdeis ga-þarbáidēdeits ga-þarbáidēdeiþ
3rd ga-þarbáidēdi - ga-þarbáidēdeina
1st ga-þarbāda ga-þarbānda
2nd ga-þarbāza ga-þarbānda
3rd ga-þarbāda - ga-þarbānda
Passive Subjunctive
1st ga-þarbáidáu ga-þarbáindáu
2nd ga-þarbáizáu ga-þarbáindáu
3rd ga-þarbáidáu - ga-þarbáindáu
1st ga-þarbām
2nd ga-þarbái ga-þarbāts ga-þarbáiþ
3rd ga-þarbādáu - ga-þarbāndáu
Present Participle
Nom ga-þarbāndei ga-þarbāndeins
Voc ga-þarbāndei ga-þarbāndeins
Acc ga-þarbāndein ga-þarbāndeins
Gen ga-þarbāndeins ga-þarbāndeinō
Dat ga-þarbāndein ga-þarbāndeim
Nom ga-þarbānds, ga-þarbānda ga-þarbāndans
Voc ga-þarbānda ga-þarbāndans
Acc ga-þarbāndan ga-þarbāndans
Gen ga-þarbāndins ga-þarbāndanē
Dat ga-þarbāndin ga-þarbāndam
Nom ga-þarbāndō ga-þarbāndōna
Voc ga-þarbāndō ga-þarbāndōna
Acc ga-þarbāndō ga-þarbāndōna
Gen ga-þarbāndins ga-þarbāndanē
Dat ga-þarbāndin ga-þarbāndam
Past Participle
Strong Feminine
Nom ga-þarbáiþa ga-þarbáiþōs
Voc ga-þarbáiþa ga-þarbáiþōs
Acc ga-þarbáiþa ga-þarbáiþōs
Gen ga-þarbáiþáizōs ga-þarbáiþáizō
Dat ga-þarbáiþái ga-þarbáiþáim
Strong Masculine
Nom ga-þarbáiþs ga-þarbáiþái
Voc ga-þarbáiþs ga-þarbáiþái
Acc ga-þarbáiþana ga-þarbáiþans
Gen ga-þarbáiþis ga-þarbáiþáizē
Dat ga-þarbáiþamma ga-þarbáiþáim
Strong Neuter
Nom ga-þarbáiþ, ga-þarbáiþata ga-þarbáiþa
Voc ga-þarbáiþ, ga-þarbáiþata ga-þarbáiþa
Acc ga-þarbáiþ, ga-þarbáiþata ga-þarbáiþa
Gen ga-þarbáiþis ga-þarbáiþáizē
Dat ga-þarbáiþamma ga-þarbáiþáim
Weak Feminine
Nom ga-þarbáiþō ga-þarbáiþōns
Voc ga-þarbáiþō ga-þarbáiþōns
Acc ga-þarbáiþōn ga-þarbáiþōns
Gen ga-þarbáiþōns ga-þarbáiþōnō
Dat ga-þarbáiþōn ga-þarbáiþōm
Weak Masculine
Nom ga-þarbáiþa ga-þarbáiþans
Voc ga-þarbáiþa ga-þarbáiþans
Acc ga-þarbáiþan ga-þarbáiþans
Gen ga-þarbáiþins ga-þarbáiþanē
Dat ga-þarbáiþin ga-þarbáiþam
Weak Neuter
Nom ga-þarbáiþō ga-þarbáiþōna
Voc ga-þarbáiþō ga-þarbáiþōna
Acc ga-þarbáiþō ga-þarbáiþōna
Gen ga-þarbáiþins ga-þarbáiþanē
Dat ga-þarbáiþin ga-þarbáiþam

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