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Gutisk Waúrd ga-tamjan

wv.I to tame

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Principal parts: ga-tamjan, ga-tamida, ga-tamidedun, ga-tamiþs (click to search usasge on

Verb: to tame
1st ga-tamja ga-tamjōs ga-tamjam
2nd ga-tamjis ga-tamjats ga-tamjiþ
3rd ga-tamjiþ - ga-tamjand
Present Subjunctive
1st ga-tamjáu ga-tamjáiwa ga-tamjáima
2nd ga-tamjáis ga-tamjáits ga-tamjáiþ
3rd ga-tamjái - ga-tamjáina
1st ga-tamida ga-tamidēdu ga-tamidēdum
2nd ga-tamidēs ga-tamidēduts ga-tamidēduþ
3rd ga-tamida - ga-tamidēdun
Preterite Subjunctive
1st ga-tamidēdjáu ga-tamidēdeiwa ga-tamidēdeima
2nd ga-tamidēdeis ga-tamidēdeits ga-tamidēdeiþ
3rd ga-tamidēdi - ga-tamidēdeina
Passive Present
1st ga-tamjada ga-tamjanda
2nd ga-tamjaza ga-tamjanda
3rd ga-tamjada - ga-tamjanda
Passive Present Subjunctive
1st ga-tamjáidáu ga-tamjáindáu
2nd ga-tamjáizáu ga-tamjáindáu
3rd ga-tamjáidáu - ga-tamjáindáu
1st ga-tamjam
2nd ga-tamei ga-tamjats ga-tamjiþ
3rd ga-tamjadáu - ga-tamjandáu
Present Participle
Nom ga-tamjandei ga-tamjandeins
Voc ga-tamjandei ga-tamjandeins
Acc ga-tamjandein ga-tamjandeins
Gen ga-tamjandeins ga-tamjandeinō
Dat ga-tamjandein ga-tamjandeim
Nom ga-tamjands, ga-tamjanda ga-tamjandans
Voc ga-tamjanda ga-tamjandans
Acc ga-tamjandan ga-tamjandans
Gen ga-tamjandins ga-tamjandanē
Dat ga-tamjandin ga-tamjandam
Nom ga-tamjandō ga-tamjandōna
Voc ga-tamjandō ga-tamjandōna
Acc ga-tamjandō ga-tamjandōna
Gen ga-tamjandins ga-tamjandanē
Dat ga-tamjandin ga-tamjandam
Past Participle
Strong Feminine
Nom ga-tamiþa ga-tamiþōs
Voc ga-tamiþa ga-tamiþōs
Acc ga-tamiþa ga-tamiþōs
Gen ga-tamiþáizōs ga-tamiþáizō
Dat ga-tamiþái ga-tamiþáim
Strong Masculine
Nom ga-tamiþs ga-tamiþái
Voc ga-tamiþs ga-tamiþái
Acc ga-tamiþana ga-tamiþans
Gen ga-tamiþis ga-tamiþáizē
Dat ga-tamiþamma ga-tamiþáim
Strong Neuter
Nom ga-tamiþ, ga-tamiþata ga-tamiþa
Voc ga-tamiþ, ga-tamiþata ga-tamiþa
Acc ga-tamiþ, ga-tamiþata ga-tamiþa
Gen ga-tamiþis ga-tamiþáizē
Dat ga-tamiþamma ga-tamiþáim
Weak Feminine
Nom ga-tamiþō ga-tamiþōns
Voc ga-tamiþō ga-tamiþōns
Acc ga-tamiþōn ga-tamiþōns
Gen ga-tamiþōns ga-tamiþōnō
Dat ga-tamiþōn ga-tamiþōm
Weak Masculine
Nom ga-tamiþa ga-tamiþans
Voc ga-tamiþa ga-tamiþans
Acc ga-tamiþan ga-tamiþans
Gen ga-tamiþins ga-tamiþanē
Dat ga-tamiþin ga-tamiþam
Weak Neuter
Nom ga-tamiþō ga-tamiþōna
Voc ga-tamiþō ga-tamiþōna
Acc ga-tamiþō ga-tamiþōna
Gen ga-tamiþins ga-tamiþanē
Dat ga-tamiþin ga-tamiþam