Gutisk Waúrd fraþjan

sv.VI+dat to understand, perceive, think, know

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Principal parts: fraþjan, froþ, froþun, fraþans (click to search usasge on

Verb: to understand, perceive, think, know
1st fraþja fraþjōs fraþjam
2nd fraþjis fraþjats fraþjiþ
3rd fraþjiþ - fraþjand
Present Subjunctive
1st fraþjáu fraþjáiwa fraþjáima
2nd fraþjáis fraþjáits fraþjáiþ
3rd fraþjái - fraþjáina
1st frōþ frōþu frōþum
2nd frōst frōþuts frōþuþ
3rd frōþ - frōþun
Preterite Subjunctive
1st frōþjáu frōþeiwa frōþeima
2nd frōþeis frōþeits frōþeiþ
3rd frōþi - frōþeina
1st fraþjada - fraþjanda
2nd fraþjaza - fraþjanda
3rd fraþjada - fraþjanda
Passive Subjunctive
1st fraþjáidáu - fraþjáindáu
2nd fraþjáizáu - fraþjáindáu
3rd fraþjáidáu - fraþjáindáu
1st - - fraþam
2nd fraþ fraþats fraþiþ
3rd fraþadáu - fraþandáu
Present Participle
Nom fraþjandei fraþjandeins
Voc fraþjandei fraþjandeins
Acc fraþjandein fraþjandeins
Gen fraþjandeins fraþjandeinō
Dat fraþjandein fraþjandeim
Nom fraþjands, fraþjanda fraþjandans
Voc fraþjanda fraþjandans
Acc fraþjandan fraþjandans
Gen fraþjandins fraþjandanē
Dat fraþjandin fraþjandam
Nom fraþjandō fraþjandōna
Voc fraþjandō fraþjandōna
Acc fraþjandō fraþjandōna
Gen fraþjandins fraþjandanē
Dat fraþjandin fraþjandam
Past Participle
Strong Feminine
Nom fraþana fraþanōs
Voc fraþana fraþanōs
Acc fraþana fraþanōs
Gen fraþanáizōs fraþanáizō
Dat fraþanái fraþanáim
Strong Masculine
Nom fraþans fraþanái
Voc fraþans fraþanái
Acc fraþanana fraþanans
Gen fraþanis fraþanáizē
Dat fraþanamma fraþanáim
Strong Neuter
Nom fraþan, fraþanata fraþana
Voc fraþan, fraþanata fraþana
Acc fraþan, fraþanata fraþana
Gen fraþanis fraþanáizē
Dat fraþanamma fraþanáim
Weak Feminine
Nom fraþanō fraþanōns
Voc fraþanō fraþanōns
Acc fraþanōn fraþanōns
Gen fraþanōns fraþanōnō
Dat fraþanōn fraþanōm
Weak Masculine
Nom fraþana fraþanans
Voc fraþana fraþanans
Acc fraþanan fraþanans
Gen fraþanins fraþananē
Dat fraþanin fraþanam
Weak Neuter
Nom fraþanō fraþanōna
Voc fraþanō fraþanōna
Acc fraþanō fraþanōna
Gen fraþanins fraþananē
Dat fraþanin fraþanam

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