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Gutisk Waúrd awiliudōn

wv.II+dat to thank, give thanks

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Principal parts: awiliudon, awiliudoda, awiliudodedun, awiliudoþs (click to search usasge on

Verb: to thank, give thanks
1st awiliudō awiliudōs awiliudōm
2nd awiliudōs awiliudōts awiliudōþ
3rd awiliudōþ - awiliudōnd
Present Subjunctive
1st awiliudō awiliudōwa awiliudōma
2nd awiliudōs awiliudōts awiliudiþ
3rd awiliudō - awiliudōna
1st awiliudōda awiliudōdēdu awiliudōdēdum
2nd awiliudōdēs awiliudōdēduts awiliudōdēduþ
3rd awiliudōda - awiliudōdēdun
Preterite Subjunctive
1st awiliudōdēdjáu awiliudōdēdeiwa awiliudōdēdeima
2nd awiliudōdēdeis awiliudōdēdeits awiliudōdēdeiþ
3rd awiliudōdēdi - awiliudōdēdeina
Passive Present
1st awiliudōda awiliudōnda
2nd awiliudōza awiliudōnda
3rd awiliudōda - awiliudōnda
Passive Present Subjunctive
1st awiliudōdáu awiliudōdnáu
2nd awiliudōzáu awiliudōdnáu
3rd awiliudōdáu - awiliudōdnáu
1st awiliudōm
2nd awiliudō awiliudōts awiliudōþ
3rd awiliudōdáu - awiliudōndáu
Present Participle
Nom awiliudōndei awiliudōndeins
Voc awiliudōndei awiliudōndeins
Acc awiliudōndein awiliudōndeins
Gen awiliudōndeins awiliudōndeinō
Dat awiliudōndein awiliudōndeim
Nom awiliudōnds, awiliudōnda awiliudōndans
Voc awiliudōnda awiliudōndans
Acc awiliudōndan awiliudōndans
Gen awiliudōndins awiliudōndanē
Dat awiliudōndin awiliudōndam
Nom awiliudōndō awiliudōndōna
Voc awiliudōndō awiliudōndōna
Acc awiliudōndō awiliudōndōna
Gen awiliudōndins awiliudōndanē
Dat awiliudōndin awiliudōndam
Past Participle
Strong Feminine
Nom awiliudōþa awiliudōþōs
Voc awiliudōþa awiliudōþōs
Acc awiliudōþa awiliudōþōs
Gen awiliudōþáizōs awiliudōþáizō
Dat awiliudōþái awiliudōþáim
Strong Masculine
Nom awiliudōþs awiliudōþái
Voc awiliudōþs awiliudōþái
Acc awiliudōþana awiliudōþans
Gen awiliudōþis awiliudōþáizē
Dat awiliudōþamma awiliudōþáim
Strong Neuter
Nom awiliudōþ, awiliudōþata awiliudōþa
Voc awiliudōþ, awiliudōþata awiliudōþa
Acc awiliudōþ, awiliudōþata awiliudōþa
Gen awiliudōþis awiliudōþáizē
Dat awiliudōþamma awiliudōþáim
Weak Feminine
Nom awiliudōþō awiliudōþōns
Voc awiliudōþō awiliudōþōns
Acc awiliudōþōn awiliudōþōns
Gen awiliudōþōns awiliudōþōnō
Dat awiliudōþōn awiliudōþōm
Weak Masculine
Nom awiliudōþa awiliudōþans
Voc awiliudōþa awiliudōþans
Acc awiliudōþan awiliudōþans
Gen awiliudōþins awiliudōþanē
Dat awiliudōþin awiliudōþam
Weak Neuter
Nom awiliudōþō awiliudōþōna
Voc awiliudōþō awiliudōþōna
Acc awiliudōþō awiliudōþōna
Gen awiliudōþins awiliudōþanē
Dat awiliudōþin awiliudōþam